Westview Middle School

STEM Coordinator
Christopher Larson
At Westview, we believe that S.T.E.M. encompasses more than science, technology, engineering and math. We focus on developing strong 21st century skills in all of our classes. Westview works hard to develop global leaders in our students and a strong community. We accomplish this in many ways through our teams and our student and teacher progression model where students travel with the same set of core teachers for three years. We also have a diverse and rich elective program and these classes are critical to the development of for each individual student at Westview. STEM LEADERS @ Westview - Danny Hernandez (STEM Teacher), Monica Moreno (6th grade Technology and Spanish Teacher), Elizabeth Nicholson (6th grade Technology and Art Teacher), Veronica Barbosa (Science Teacher), Dan Cribby (Science Teacher), Gwenda Dumbauld (Science Teacher), Jason Helmus (Science Teacher), Lindsey Bennett (Science Teacher), Jayme Margolin-Sneider (Science Teacher)

Westview Middle School News

Seventh and 8th grade students from Westview Middle School's Earth Explorers program traveled out to a 1,000 foot tower in Erie with scientists from NOAA, based in Boulder. These students had the unique opportunity to see their scientist's field lab.

Westview Robotics Students building their Spider Bots at the International Robot Olympiad in Denver.

Imagine a world without clean water, trees and wildlife. The picture is bleak at best.

Westview had one Robotics team of five students last year.  This year they have five teams of 30 students that are competing in local VEX competitions.


Westview Middle School is sending 5 teams to the Vex Robotics Competition at Trail Ridge on December 7.  Go Westview!


Westview Middle School Projects

Westview Students participated in the University of Colorado's Science Discovery School - Engineering is Everywhere workshop.

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Westview was well-represented at the SVVSD Tech Fair.

Seventh and 8th grade Advanced Tech classes are learning from a SparkFun programmer how they can create video games on the computer and use

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Each month on late start days, we bring in outside professionals to lead hands-on additional learning opportunities for students.  Whil

Seventh and 8th grade students in Advance Tech at Westview Middle School are using the SparkFun Inventor's Kits to learn how circuits wo

In a 6th grade science unit on natural resources, students are focusing on the guiding question, "How should we sustain ourselves?&quot

At Westview, all 6th grade students spend the year in a project-based technology class.

Westview is blessed to have all six of our Language Arts classrooms equipped with classroom sets of Google Chromebooks.  The following

Westview is one of two middle schools serving as a pilot school for the Fall 2014 district implementation.

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