Westview 6th Grade PBL Technology Class

At Westview, all 6th grade students spend the year in a project-based technology class.  Each quarter students are exposed to opportunities to learn new technology skills and create a project.  During the first quarter, the students spend their time learning how to be productive digital citizens and create a positive digital footprint.  Students become familiar with Google tools, such as Drive and Sites, and then create an About Me website.  During the rest of the year they go through three separate rotations.  With Ms. Nicholson they learn how to create presentations using Google Presentation and Prezi.  They become graphic designers using photoshop and they also learn some basic animation skills as well.  During Mr. Hernandez's class they spend their time learning how to create an engaging movie.  Their project is focused on creating a welcome movie for future students.  In Ms. Moreno-Martinz's class they learn programming language using AgentSheets.  Each project the students create is placed on their About Me website.