Trail Ridge Middle School Does CSEd Week

During the week of December 7th to the 11th, all 700 students at Trail Ridge Middle School participated in the internationally recognized Computer Science Education Week. Students were able to spend 10+ hours in a topic of their choice including Green Screen, Spheros, Makey Makeys, Arduino, Scratch, Hour of Code and many others.


Included in the activities was a film crew composed of 13 students that filmed CSEd Week and presented their compiled video to a school-wide celebration on December 11th, 2015.


4th Annual Grizzly Robotics Challenge

Trail Ridge Middle School hosted its 4th Annual Grizzly Robotics Challenge on December 5th, 2015. There were 27 teams including both middle school and high school levels.


This year’s game was Nothing But Net, in which teams had to work in alliance with each other to move balls into nets.


TRMS had six teams compete in the event!

Fall River Student Experiences STEM in Action

Third grade student Ryan C. is sharing about his upcoming heart surgery. He is teaching others about the elements of STEM he will be experiencing when he undergoes treatment in February. In the book Ryan is sharing, he points out his favorite page which shows all of the biotechnology and surgical suite machines he will be able to see close up.  "I'm not afraid right now, I'm sort of excited to see all of these things before I go to sleep." Ryan is sharing how science, technology, engineering and math can help people who need complex surgery.  


Computers, coding and more

Computer science week at Timberline was awesome! Students K - 8 were able to learn about computers, coding and robotics. All students went online to Hour of Code to practice their programming skills and also used some apps on the ipads. By having students learn about the programming they are learning another language that will help them in the future. Students had to communicate with the technology to make the robot or the creature on the app do some sort of action.

Columbine VEX IQ Robotics Competitions

The Columbine VEX IQ Robotics Team has had a great start to their competitive season! They participated in the Timberline PK-8 VEX IQ Scrimmage and the Innovation Center Tournament at the Longmont Museum.

At the Timberline Scrimmage, teams learned the ins and outs of the game and how VEX IQ Competitions work. They focused on how to score points during competition and began to think about how important strategizing is to their success in the game. The R2-D2s were recognized for the work in their notebook and other teams did really well scoring alliance points!

Third Grade Students Present to City Council Members

Third grade students in Mrs. Tatum, Ms. Anderson, and Mrs.

Family Math Night

This term, the Indian Peaks Parent Leadership Team has decided to focus their efforts of increasing family involvement in the area of Math, specifically in the area of math facts. Two Family Math Nights were hosted last week: Tuesday, Jan. 12th and Thursday, Jan. 14th from 6-7:15 pm.

Robotics is Here!

Timberline had the privelege to host the Kickoff Srimmage for the Robotics Season. Around 25 teams participated for the half-day event and learned the process of a VEX IQ Tournament. They were able to learn the set up, the names of the areas for the tournament and how to get ready to compete with each other. Participating in a VEX IQ tournament is about collaboration and communication for students while they are having fun.  Students are engaged in how the robot works and driving the robot to get the most points possible.

Longmont Estates Hosts Innovation Fair

Students in grades K-5 showed off their creativity at the 1st Annual LEE Innovation Fair on January 14th, 2016.  This was a twist on the traditional science fair.  Instead of going through the Scientific Method, students used the Design Thinking Process to come up with innovative ideas to help make the world a better place.  About 50 projects were presented to volunteers who evaluated them based on the student's use of the Design Thinking Process, whether they created a new product or adapted an existing one, and their overall presentation skills.  Projects ranged i

Computer Science Education Week at Columbine

Computer Science Education Week was December 7th - 11th, and it was a busy week at Columbine!

All students participated in 90 minutes of computer science during that week to develop skills in critical thinking, creativity, and reasoning.