St. Vrain teachers get lesson on integrating computer science

About 65 St. Vrain Valley teachers, counselors, librarians and coordinators attended a day-long symposium Monday at Longmont's Timberline K-8 to learn about integrating computer science principles into their lessons.

Axel Reitzig, program director of St. Vrain's Innovation Center, said the symposium kicks off the district's work to develop a K-12 computer science framework.

Students Follow Kilimanjaro Expedition

Thanks to partnerships with the GLOBE Program, Discovery Education, and the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, students are following SVVSD students and teachers while they make the trek to the tallest mountain in Africa's summit.

STEM Summer School a Huge Success

Math and science content were a major focus for this year's summer school sessions at Timberline PK-8.  The content was taught through literacy instruction, technology integration, and the design process.

New Cohort of STEM Academy Freshmen Begins First Design Challenge

A new year, and a new cohort of STEM Academy Freshmen at Skyline High School!  This year, we have about 130 students in our freshmen Explorations in STEM course. These students were chosen because of their interest and dedication to the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. 

Alpine Up Close

As an IB School with STEM practices and philosophies, we use a “Program of Inquiry” to guide our learning. This is a school-wide plan that helps us align “units of inquiry” both within grade levels and across grade levels. Each year, the entire school, from PK-5th and single subject teachers, tackle different over-arching IB Themes in every grade. Within each theme, teams create a unit of inquiry that encompasses IB concepts, STEM practices and philosophies and district standards.

Technology at Alpine

Alpine is organizing its TECHNOLOGY. What an exciting time for us! With funds from the Race to the Top Federal Grant (RTTT), STEM schools in the Skyline High School feeder system are benefitting in so many ways. One of those ways is through technology. This year at Alpine, due to the grant, we have some great opportunities with the technology we’ve been able to purchase.

CU Discovery comes to Longmont Estates

On Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, students in grades K-2 were invited to come to school a little early for a CU Discovery class.  The topic was "Discovering Dinosaurs", and students were given hands-on experience with fossils and casts.  They explored how dinosaurs hunted, ate, and defended themselves.  Students also learned about palentologists and how they classify dinosaurs.  It was a great opportunity for students to explore their curiosity and share their background knowledge on the subject.

4th Grade Pen-pals with a STEM Twist

One of our fourth grade teachers was fortunate enough to travel to Japan this summer.  Influenced by the trip, and wanting to share the experience with her students, Mrs. Urquidi set up a partnership with a teacher in Japan.  Students will engage in a pen-pal experience this year, but with a STEM twist!  To introduce the project, Mrs. Urquidi set up a Blendspace (a digital bulletin board platform).

STEM Summer Camps- A Success!

Legos, rockets, superheros, towers, genius hour... All fun components of this year's STEM Summer School! Kindergarten through fifth grade students received a full dose of integrated STEM this summer. With "Engineering is Everywhere Adventure" kits as a base, students engaged in hands-on, interactive activities, while learning key scientific concepts and disciplines. Indian Peaks also offered a variety of STEM camps for students to attend each week.

Students Explore New STEM Lab

During the first two weeks of school, students had the opportunity to visit our new STEM Lab with their teachers.  The focus was on using tools to enhance their 21st Century Skills.  In particular, students collaborated and communicated as they explored our robots Dash, Dot, Ollie, Cubelets, and Sphero.  Creativity was in abundance as students used Knex, Zome Tools, and Snap Circuits.