Learning about careers in STEM

Fifth grade students were treated to a special guest speaker in mid-October as Mr. Ben Bernstein, a LEE parent, came in to talk about his career in meteorology. One of the 5th grade concepts for students to master in Earth Science is “Weather changes are measured by differences in temperature, air pressure, and water in the atmosphere and type of precipitation (3.3)“ Mr. Bernstein talked about different tools used to measure changes in weather, how technology is used in forecasting weather, and his particular job testing aircraft in different types of weather.

Celebrating STEM on October Count Day

Columbine students and teachers celebrated STEM during a whole school event on October Count Day. Students had the chance to explore the importance of inquiry, technology, engineering, science, mathematics, and FUN! Students from all grade levels rotated through three interactive stations.

To explore robotics, students worked with Cubelets and Spheros. They manipulated various elements and pieces to control the robots and learned about cause and effect.

"Dive into STEM!" Night: Oct. 22nd

 Indian Peaks Elementary is hosting a "Dive Into STEM" Family Night on October 22nd from 5:30-7pm.  The event will have a multitude of hands-on activities family rotate through and experience together.  Visit 5 stations and enter your family to win a Kindle Fire HD! Activities include:
Denver Aquarium

VEX IQ Starts at Columbine

This year, Columbine has started a VEX IQ Robotics Team! 24 students meet weekly to design, build, and utilize their coorperation and problem solving skills to construct a robot. After completing their robots, we will participate in several events this season.

  • November 14th @ Timberline PK-8
  • December 12th @ The Longmont Museum
  • January 30th @ Fall River Elementary

eSpark for Reading

Students are using an app called 'eSpark' to support reading learning in the classroom. “eSpark enables teachers to bridge the gap between engagement and academics on the the iPad.” Using assessment data from students, eSpark creates a personalized learning plan for each student, targeting his or her areas of need. Students take a pre-assessment and then watch a few short engaging educational videos.

Electronics Lab with CU Discovery Program

Longmont Estates Elementary is partnering with the CU Discovery Program to bring enrichment opportunities to students on Late Start mornings. In October, students in grades 3-5 were invited to come to school early to take part in an Electronics lab. They did a variety of experiments on a circuit board to learn about resistors, capacitors, transistors, and electrical flow. One of the favorite experiments involved using a flashlight to demonstrate how a photoresistor worked.  And there was a whole lot of buzzing going on when they discovered the buzzer circuit.

October Design Challenge--Empathy

The IB STEM Connection

As we approach our 11th year of educating students here at Alpine, an International Baccalaureate School, we are preparing to embrace an exciting opportunity.  Our IB re-evaluation will take place this school year. Every five years, we have the opportunity to engage in a self-study to determine how well we are focusing on the mission, vision and goals of the International Baccalaureate-Primary Years Program. This November we have guests from the IBO, International Baccalaureate Organization, come and reflect with us about our progress and areas for continued growth.

Timberline Offering 3 New STEM Classes This Year

St. Vrain Students Present at Share Fair Nation conference