Where is the car going and how far?

STEM School

Students in K - 4th grae visited the STEM Lab in Febraury to learn more about engineers and motion.  Each grade was provided some information about engineers and how they help our community solve problems.  Based on the information they received, each grade was given a design challenge test to work on.  The overall theme for all grade levels was MOTION, and each grade level had a different design challenge test to complete in their groups.  During their work time, groups had to record their information on a paper.  Kinder and first grade had to solve the problem that their ramp was too high for the car to travel a specific distance.  2nd grade had to solve which ramp and incline would be the safest for their car to travel.  3rd grade was making adjusts to their ramp and trying to make their car go exactly 78 inches.  4th grade had to find the angle of the incline for their ramp and have it go 78 inches more than one time.  As you can see, students used their math, writing and collaboration skills to find a solution and the activity showed them how they might apply those skills in other areas of school.  There were times when groups did not finish the test or weren't able to complete it all, but they all were engaged and learned how engineers solved problems.  Overall, all the students had a great time visiting the lab and learning the importantance of problem solving for other people.