What is SSLT?

STEM School

Have you heard of SSLT, STEM student leaders, or something similar? We are actually called the STEM Student Leadership Team, and we are here to incorporate student voice into STEM decisions at our school. We are the ones who identify successes and areas for growth within our STEM Enrichment classes that TRMS students attend every day. We also give tours, write blogs (like this one), and think of ways to make STEM education better here at TRMS. If you have a STEM Enrichment that you really enjoy, you owe some credit to the members of SSLT.

If you are a 6th or 7th grader and would like to apply, you can do so in the spring. If you have questions regarding the application process or anything else regarding the leadership team, ask Mrs. Jostes or a member of SSLT.

If you are interested in finding out what we do at these meetings check out our agendas here.

*This article was written by Ayden, a member of the SSLT at Trail Ridge Middle School. This activity supports the goals of our Race to the Top initiative which focuses on STEM integration and student voice.