What are STEM Electives??

STEM School

Because of its STEM focus, Trail Ridge decided to institute a block of STEM electives in the middle of each day for students to explore the different aspects of STEM education and STEM careers. Classes vary in intensity, focus, and skill development, but all emphasize 21st century skills, STEM discipline integration, and innovative thinking to expand students' understanding.   

Because of the range of skills and thinking developed by STEM-focused courses, each student at TRMS will take quarter- or semester-long STEM elective classes. These 45-minute periods will not only introduce students to a wide variety of authentic STEM applications in the world, but will also strengthen their understanding and performance in their core classes. 

So what's being offered? Go to http://trms.stvrain.k12.co.us/stem.php to learn more about the STEM classes that are currently underway, and check back often for examples of student work and photos / videos from these exciting classes! An abbreviated list with a short description of each is listed below. 



Animation Creation: Create and animate characters from your own imagination using stop motion, Claymation, and more.

Battle of the Bots!: Learn about the future by designing and building robots with a team. Explore how robots think, move, and follow directions. 

Cardboard Creations: Engineer, design, and create useful everyday objects using duct tape and cardboard. 

CSI Trail Ridge: Become a forensic scientist by analyzing a crime scene at the school – fingerprinting, splatter patterns, etc. 

Digital Photography: Learn how to create stunning works of art using a camera and photo editing software.

Earth Explorers: A class for both beginners & advanced explorers. Meet local scientists, explore the world around you, and create original documentation of your journey.

Gateway to Technology: Learn how to make technology work for you... students explore the tech advantages offered at Trail Ridge Middle School. 

iDesign: Real Solutions for Real Problems! Use the Design Thinking Process to develop innovative solutions to social and societal problems. 

Math in Sports: Examine your favorite sports through data analysis, player statistics, and the mechanics of motion. 

Mechanics Mania: Learn how the forces of nature affect every day objects all around us!  

STEM in the Arts - Guitar: Learn basic guitar chords & create a song using editing technology. Find math & science in music.

STEM in the Arts - Shakespeare: Explore the haunted world of the famous author and how his work influences our lives today.

SeaPerch: Assemble, solder, redesign, and operate your own underwater remotely operated vehicle. 

TRMS Advertising Team: Learn marketing and advertising basics and create original ads for our school.

Video Game Design: Create classic arcade games with your own characters while learning basic computer programming skills.  

Video Game Design - ADVANCED: Build on your knowledge from the basic class and build original games and simulations using your skills. *NOTE: MUST have taken Video Game Design before taking the advanced class.