Westview Earth Explorers

Seventh and 8th grade students from Westview Middle School's Earth Explorers program traveled out to a 1,000 foot tower in Erie with scientists from NOAA, based in Boulder. These students had the unique opportunity to see their scientist's field lab. With hard hats and harness on, some students were able to see atmospheric science in action. Groups of four students are paired up with scientists from NOAA and LASP. Through the Earth Explorers program, these students have traveled to these facilities in Boulder and interviewed their scientist in order to understand the STEM concepts and understand STEM curriculum used in professional careers in our backyard. These students are currently working on producing a creative film about their scientists and the true scientific concepts. These students have learned filming and editing techniques, and some groups have incorporated green screen shots and technology.

Please join us at Westview Middle school on May 14th at 5:30 pm to see the student's final products and hear the speeches they have been writing.

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