Weather got you down?

   In the second grade classes of Rocky Mountain Elementary, students had learned everything there was to know about weather. During a video about extreme temperatures, students discovered a new concept called 'frostbite'. Everyone immediately began chattering about how awful frostbite would be to experience. The teacher joined in on the conversation, and mentioned to the students that there are people right here in the town of Longmont who suffer frostbite when the weather turns cold.

            Immediately, the students began brainstorming ways to help people ward off frostbite. This led to a group of four students creating a clothing drive for people without a home. Teachers heard about this and immediately began bringing in clothes. By the end of the two week drive, an enormous pile of clothes stood in the classroom waiting to be collected. Hope for Longmont, a homeless outreach program, picked up the clothing and told the class more about their organization.

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