Two SVVSD STEM Middle Schools Acknowledged for Technology Integration

Trail Ridge Middle School and Westview Middle School were both recently awarded the title of "Apple Distinguished" schools, for demonstrating the five best practices designated by Apple to signify innovation in education with technology. The five characteristics are as follows: 

1. Visionary Leadership: Leadership is evident not only in the school's administration, but also in teacher leaders, student self advocacy, and community involvement. 

2. Innovative Learning and Teaching: Not only are instructional practices transformed through the use and incorporation of technology, but curriculum design and student learning both become more focused on personalized learning and innovative techniques for the acquisition and application of knowledge.

3. Ongoing Professional Learning: Professional development in the buildings promotes lifelong learning and sharing between practitioners.

4. Compelling Evidence of Success: Distinguished schools must demonstrate research practices by collecting, reviewing, and analyzing data as it informs student achievement.

5. Flexible Learning Environment: Both the design of learning spaces as well as of curriculum foster different learning opportunities to meet the needs of every student. 

Having demonstrated these five best practices, Trail Ridge and Westview will carry the title of Apple Distinguished schools for the next 2 years, when they will have the opportunity to reapply and share their evidence once again.

To learn more about these 2 schools, visit their websites at and, read the Boulder Camera article about the awards, and visit their sections on the website.