Tis the Season

As visions of sugar plums were dancing through the heads of students just before the holiday break, the 5th grade teachers got together and thought of a Design Challenge of Sugary Delight.

The students had to use their architectural skills to build the tallest and most aesthetically pleasing ginger bread structure possible with their teammates. Before the students could go shopping for supplies, they had to carefully craft a budget to ensure the correct amount of supplies would be purchased. Groups worked together to create a shopping list and a plan for their design.

When the students began to build, things did not go so well for the teams. "It was really hard to get the four walls to stand up," said Josh, a 5th grader at Rocky Mountain Elementary. "The students really struggled at first but they were persistent. "After some trial and error, they were able to build a standing structure," explained Mrs. Rojas, one of the 5th grade teachers. 

In the end the students were able to practice lifelong skills to create a budget, work as a team, and persist through difficult situations. 


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