Time to Explore

Amazing things happen when students have time to explore.

Just this week in Mrs. Knapp's fourth grade classroom, students had some time to explore and work on a project of their choosing. Two students decided to make a Rocket that could travel to other planets. Their creation was a well thought out rocket ship made of K'NEX. "The gear on the top is powered by the motor with spins the fan to make the rocket fly. We added fins to help steer the ship. And the green and red sticks in the middle are for decoration," says Oscar and Mario, the creators of the ship. When asked what they are going to do next, the students replied, "We're going to add wheels so the ship can go onto other planets and collect rocks." Time to explore is an incredible way for students to find their passion and use their creativity in a positive encouraging environment. If these students are creating model rocket ships at they age of 9, imagine what they can do in five, ten, or twenty years with the encouragement and skills provided through STEM opportunities.