Technology Everyday

STEM School

Through the Race to the Top Federal Grant, Alpine Elementary has received a generous amount of technology to support student learning.  Technology at Alpine is used in so many different ways.  Students receive individualized and personalized instruction through specialized educational apps.  They practice skills in fun, new ways.  They create presentations, videos, and other products to share their learning. The Media Club, a fifth-grade enrichment program, produces video publications about Alpine for students to view.  Robotics, including Beebots, Dash and Dots, Cubelets, Spheros, and Vex IQ are part of many before and after school enrichment activities.  Coding apps and websites are used in classrooms to enhance learning competencies.  Teachers have ipads and laptops to support their students, learning about new technologies side by side each day.  As we move further and further into the Technological Age and see technology being implemented in every part of our lives, we at Alpine work hard to keep current so we can be support systems for our students.  As of this year, Alpine will be one to one with devices in Kindergarten - 5th Grade.  Each student will have access to an ipad or Chromebook for use throughout the school day.  This is truly an exciting time to be both teacher and student. 

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