Technology at Alpine

STEM School

Alpine is organizing its TECHNOLOGY. What an exciting time for us! With funds from the Race to the Top Federal Grant (RTTT), STEM schools in the Skyline High School feeder system are benefitting in so many ways. One of those ways is through technology. This year at Alpine, due to the grant, we have some great opportunities with the technology we’ve been able to purchase.

Each grade level will have devices for students at a higher ratio than ever before. All grades, from Preschool to 5th, will have a minimum of 1 type of device (either an iPad or a Chromebook) at a 1:2 ratio (one device for every 2 students). Most classes will have both iPads and Chromebooks in their classrooms, and 4th and 5th grade will have a 1:1 ratio with Chromebooks this year! That’s a total of 360 devices, just for student use! 

In addition to classroom devices, Interventionist Teachers will receive a set of iPads for small group instruction as well as have access to Chromebooks available for check out. With all this new technology, we have to make sure our teachers are up to speed as well! Each licensed educator in our building has a dedicated iPad and Chromebook for their own use to develop skills for leading the way into the 21st Century.

Add to this our always growing collection of robotics for student usage. We currently have Vex Robotics, Bee Bots, Spheros and Cubelets for student use. We have added 6 laptop computers, dedicated to Vex Robotics Programming for students as well. With our document cameras, projectors and classroom Mac Minis, we are well on our way to helping our students be tech savvy learners in todays’ world.  

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