Summer STEM camps are creating a buzz

Summer is the time for friends, fun and STEM learning. Middle school students throughout the district are attending an array of STEM camps this week.

Longs Peak Middle School – Mini Medical Camp

Incoming 5th and 6th graders have their eye on you at Longs Peak Middle School’s STEM camp. They are dissecting an eye, designing a biotic eye, and taking field trips to science centers. Incoming 7th & 8th Graders are discovering what makes you tick. By dissecting the heart of worms, frogs and cows, they are learning to compare and contrast the differences in each animal’s heart. These future medical professionals are also building a robotic heart. Check out the fun students are having @LPMSRams.

Westview Middle School – Summer STEM Academy

At Westview Middle School, classrooms are buzzing with excitement as students participate in hands on activities. Whether it is creating a documentary film, exploring animation techniques, or learning programming and code basics, students are discovering that the possibilities are endless through technology. Additional Westview students are focusing on the science behind DNA fingerprinting and genetic testing, as well as, testing a myth and producing a “MythBusters” episode.

While some students prefer to build a city of the future, others choose to design and build ways to knock it down all while testing Newton’s Laws. To learn about more classes being offered and to see pictures of Westview’s activities, follow them @lacrosse_jeremy.

Trail Ridge Middle School – STEM Summer Camp

If you can dream it, you can print it... in 3D. Students at Trail Ridge Middle School are learning to use the SketchUp program by designing and improving existing products and printing them on a 3D printer. While some students focus on product developments, others are being challenged to learn the basics of Arduino programming language and how it interacts with circuit hardware. How can 3D art and Arduino circuits become any cooler? By combining them and creating incredible interactive art.

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