A successful visit from CDE

STEM School

Timberline PK8 had the privilege of hosting a Colorado Department Education (CDE) visit on Nov. 20, 2014.  Teachers, principals, and superintendents from all over Colorado came to the school for a meeting about STEM instruction in Colorado and spent time touring our school and Skyline High School for a portion of their day. Our STEM Student Leadership Team students led tours to show all the wonderful activities and STEM projects that display proudly in our halls.  

One visitor commented, "It  is obvious that Design Thinking is a unifying school-wide philosophy." Other thoughts were expressed about how rigorous and "hardcore" the math was in the middle school scaling classroom, the quality and depth of knowledge required for observed hands-on projects, and how fun it is to walk into a classroom and see students engaged in the magnets and excited about their learning. One visitor wanted to stay and play with the kids/magnets, and they all enjoyed the 5th grade map of the United States that is hanging just outside of our community room. Everyone who came for the meeting enjoyed being at TImberline PK8 for the day.