Students Present and Win 'Real World' Award at State Capitol

As part of the "Project Citizen" showcase, fourth and fifth grade students presented at the state capitol Thursday.  The Civic Canopy sponsored the event and hosted elementary, middle, and high schools from around the state.  The Indian Peaks team gave a 12-minute presentation on the partnership to renovate Affolter Park's playground.  They shared highlights from the year and a half long design project; including, prototype mockups, models, stakeholder survey data, community meeting outcomes, processes of city government, and reflections of the process.  After the presentation, judges and audience members were allowed to ask questions for 12-minutes.  The Indian Peaks team fielded questions like pros, citing evidence and building off of one another's ideas!  The final 3-minutes of the presentation was devoted to feedback from the judges.

The team was also required to produce a Process Portfolio, including written statements, photos, and documentation of the project.  Students were evaluated in five categories: understanding of the problem, analysis of alternative policies, public policy development and persuasiveness, implementation of an action plan, and portfolio completion.

Parents and teachers were so proud of the Peaks students!  What an amazing experience!  Thanks to all who helped throughout this project's duration!



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