STEM Olympiad

During the Olympics this past February, students participated in the STEM Olympiad at Rocky Mountain Elementary during their specials time. Events were started by national anthems written and performed by students while wearing sashes and waving flags created in art class.

       The students participated in a number of events like team skiing and two person bobsled. The most intriguing event was the Tower Chalenge. Students were challenged to build the tallest free standing structure out of a basket filled with supplies. They then had to measure their structure to see whose was the tallest. To add to the challenge, students only had three minutes to build and their structure had to hold a small dodgeball. 

       Students had a blast during this event. Everyone could be found trying new structures, listening to their teammates, and encouraging other teams. The tallest freestanding structure was made with paper towel tubes, plates, and baskets and measured 41 inches tall.