STEM in Gym class!

For the last week Danita Johnson has lead her classes through a gym sized replica of a heart. Working through her standards and crossing science curriculum into her routine, Mrs. Johnson has made learning about the heart fun and interactive.

       "The blue side has no oxygen until it goes to the lungs, then the blood is red" says one fourth grader. "We get to play and have fun inside a heart!" says a fifth grade student. The students make their way through valves, around the aorta and pull themselves through the lungs. Running, jumping,  and pulling themselves around on scooters, the students get a workout in while making their way through the anatomy of a heart.

         "I have taught multiple grade levels and decided that I could bring science and the human body into my classroom. The students get to be physical and run through the obstacle course while learning about the heart and tracking their own heart rate. I challenge the students to get their heart rate up. Later, we talk about the benefits of exercise on the heart."




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