Skyline Young Rebels

STEM School

Skyline had a team that participated in the Young Rebels entrepreneurial competition.  The Times Call ran a story about the event, including pictures of our team.  The students (Alexis Aguirre, Tiffani Aranda, Marlene Cabrera, Ma'ata Mo'unga, and Denisse Silva Goytortua) worked hard to come up with a business plan for a company they would like to start. 


The company, STEM S2 (STEM Students for Students), defined the problem as such:  As a society, we are not producing enough individuals to fill the demand for the growing STEM-related careers.  Additionally, students across the country are not well-informed of STEM programs and do not have a strong voice in their education.  STEM S2 proposed to

 enable students by providing them with access to science, technology, engineering, and math programs through their student-run consulting firm.  They would provide resources to help students make desired changes through consultation and use of the problem-solving process to identify the needs/wants of the students and develop an appropriate curriculum. Through this process, they will to create a convincing argument for the administration/teachers to make these changes.  The mission of STEM S2 is for STEM educated students to assist other students in obtaining access to the direction of their education and better prepare them for the growing field of STEM-related careers.

The students worked tirelessly on their buisness plan and presentation, which they delivered at the Colorado Latino Business Conference in Longmont in mid-October.  They did a commendable job!