September - Another STEM year begins!

STEM School

Our second year of STEM integration at Northridge Elementary began in much the same way as our first.  We had an enormous amount of technology flow into our building, and most of my month was spent getting Chromebooks and iPad Minis configured and distributed to classrooms. Teachers were eager to receive this new technology, and wasted no time getting it into the hands of their students to enhance their learning. In each classroom, students could be seen using iPads and Chromebooks to read, research, create, and explore. Teachers also picked up right where they left off last year in their continued implementation of STEM in their classrooms. Parents worked on design challenges with their children on Back to School Night--building towers, backpacks, and even writing centers! Our partnership with CU Engineering began once again in September, and students were able to use the newly-designed STEM Lab to perform various design challenges to further expand their collaborative problem-solving skills.  As you can probably tell from the high levels of science, technology, engineering, and math integration that students and teachers are undertaking, it's full STEM ahead at Northridge!