Seeing is Believing CEI Tour

STEM School

Skyline High School was excited to show off what they are doing in the classroom on a daily basis to folks from around the state through the Colorado Education Initiative Seeing is Believing tour.  Shifting the focus from the teacher to the student is something the STEM Academy prides itself on, with students constantly applying their science and math knowledge to projects they create.  When the group came through at Skyline, they were impressed with the freshmen STEM students working on an aerial observation project, biology students creating prototypes to remove excess atmospheric carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and sophomores working on their robotics unit.  They also got to see our Senior Design students working on their self-directed projects at the Innovation Center in the morning.  Feedback was positive, and Skyline will continue to excite its students with engaging projects in the future. Here is a link to the Fox News story, showcasing one of our teachers (Travis Schlagel) and two students (Connor Hougen and Lexi Ekern): We also had a senior, Toree Baldwin, present to the group about her Senior Design project.  All were impressed with her presentation!