PTO Design Challenge

Late on a Wednesday night a group of ten teachers and ten parents came together with the purpose of solving one problem, The students are misbehaving at lunch time.

     The group started out by listening to a cafetieria worker talk about a typical day in the lunchroom. Even though it's hard to believe, many issues came up. Some of the issues included: students are waiting too long to get food, students are banging their trays on the table, the students are too loud, the students are dropped off too early or too late.

So, Groups of four or five ideated hundreds ideas to solve these problems.

In the end,our teachers and parents created innovative and creative ways to help solve these problems. For example, one group redesigned the lunchroom experience by creating a laser id that could read each childs face. The laser would recognize them, pull up a database of the students likes and dislikes, and generate a tray of food taylored to their preferences. Students could pick up their food within seconds of reaching the lunch room.

Another group created a tray of games and activities for students to play with while standing in line.

All in all the night was a hit! Teachers and parents enjoyed a night of brainstorming, collaborating and creating.