Outdoor Science Field trip

Last week the fourth grade students of Rocky Mountain Elementary braved the elements in the name of science. 

A 45 minute bus ride landed the students on Sombrero Marsh in Boulder, Colorado, a beautiful place to explore the outdoors. The wonderful educators at Thorne welcomed the group with an introduction and a spectacular view of the mountains. They explained that students would have time to explore the outdoors with their teacher and a Thorne staff member. The students excitement began to boil over as the educators informed us of the history of Sombrero Marsh and how the land was once under water and thousands of years later under a mountain of trash. Then the school children picked up binoculars and went exploring. 

Students observed in wonder through binoculars as they discovered how birds navigate the skies and dive into the lake for food. Through the sound of toads learners could hear grasshoppers jumping from branch to branch in search of a mid-morning snack. Then, students wandered through the grasses looking for evidence of animal activity. When scat was found, everyone observed closely to determine which animal had left the droppings and what they had for breakfast. The most exciting portion of the field trip was finding aquatic organisms in their natural habitat. Screams of excitement and disgust rang through the area when students found the two tailed baetis in the marsh. 

All in all, the students had a great time at Thorne observing, scavenging, and exploring nature.