October 2014 - Technology Integration

STEM School

The T in STEM is for Technology, and teachers spent a lot of time and effort in the month of October becoming familiar with the incredible amount of technological tools they received last month.  Teachers spent an afternoon in professional development learning about some educational apps that are available on the web and as iPad apps.  They wasted no time implementing these tools in their classrooms to increase student engagement and collaboration.  Students can now be seen watching educational videos on BrainPOP, collaborating with each other as they write using Google Docs, and expanding their mastery of math concepts with Khan Academy.

The month of October also saw students and teachers diving into their learning for the 2014-2015 school year.  Teachers began their STEM-integrated units allowing students to work collaboratively to solve challenges using the Design Thinking Process.  To ensure their units would maximize student understanding and STEM integration, teachers met with the STEM Coordinator during their grade level team meetings to review, reflect on, and revise their plans and design challenges.  


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