November 2014- Students Facilitate for Parents

STEM School

We had a wonderful turnout for our Community Event, 10 Years of Alpine. This event was hosted by our student leadership team.  They have been meeting since the beginning of the year, identifying problems we have at Alpine that are important to students, staff, parents and our community. Through our work, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have used the design thinking process to develop empathy for those affected by the problems we have identified. At our community event, students shared the problems, the needs of the users and helped to define specific areas needing support. They encouraged parents and community members to brainstorm and prototype solutions for the problems we introduced.  

Our next steps will be to take the ideas generated by our guests and use them to help us develop some real solutions to solve our problems.  The problems we identified are as follows:

  • Design changes to our parking lot that would make a better experience for parents.

  • Design ways to make noise levels in our school, especially in the cafeteria, better for students and adults.

  • Design ways to reduce the amount of food and drink students throw out each day.

  • Design ways to help reduce conflict at recess.

As we move through this process, students will use their developed skills to create viable solutions. Some of these skills include 21st Century Skills-communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. In addition, they are also using STEM Practices including questioning, developing models, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematics and computational thinking, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information. Through these processes and practices, students are solving problems that are meaningful and authentic today, but are also learning how to problem solve for their future.