November 2014 - STEM Student Leadership

STEM School

The STEM Student Leadership Team (SSLT) at Northridge started holding their meetings during the month of November.  More than twenty 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders met twice this month during lunch to develop empathy and begin to define potential problems and/or issues at Northridge.  Students talked together about specific areas around the school, and identified people and existing/potential problems in each setting. The locations they idetified ranged from the soccer field to the front office. Issues included safety, organization, and... *gasp* ...homework!


In the coming weeks and months, students will engage in the Design Thinking Process to further define ways that they can improve their school.  They will then work together to ideate potential solutions to the problems they defined.  Students will use these ideas to create prototypes to help improve the school in the area(s) they’ve chosen.  Finally, they will seek out and receive feedback from stakeholders on the issue.