The Next State of Learning

The Chief Council of State School Officers recently launched the Next State of Learning Project in response to the question, "What does innovation look like in public school classrooms across the nation?" The CCSSO identified 4 states exemplifying innovative practices and student-centered approaches to instruction - Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. The states are the first to be involved in CCSSO's Innovation Lab Network (ILN), which will work together to identify, test, and implement strategies which will transform the classroom experience. 

The Next State of Learning website highlights a few of the stories from the classrooms in these states. The Colorado story focuses on the work happening in St Vrain Valley Schools, and its focus on personalized learning and crafting personalized, innovative experiences for its students. 

The Next State of Learning project will continue to explore work in other states. Follow them on Twitter via @CCSSO and #CCSSOILN.

Read more about the project on their press release.  

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