New Cohort of STEM Academy Freshmen Begins First Design Challenge

STEM School

A new year, and a new cohort of STEM Academy Freshmen at Skyline High School!  This year, we have about 130 students in our freshmen Explorations in STEM course. These students were chosen because of their interest and dedication to the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. 

The freshmen began the year becoming proficient in SolidWorks and are now starting to delve into their first design challenge: design and 3D print a chocolate bar for your client.  Want to know what makes chocolate more enjoyable?  Our freshmen did!  They read this article and you should too! 

Who is our client this year?  Ms. Fenster's 6th grade math lab students from Timberline PK8!  They graciously tabulated data around favorite type of chocolate bar, milk/dark/white preference, and favorite hobbies, and then were videotaped discussing their results.  Our 9th graders have watched the video and are now in competition with each other to create the best bar!  They will use their new knowledge in SolidWorks to design their individual product, collaborate with team members to make it better, and 3D print it here at Skyline.  Using food-safe material, they will make a mold of their bar and will then create actual chocolate bars to market to our client.  Explorations classes will select the top products & marketing campaigns to be sent to Ms. Fenster's class, who will ultimately select the winner.  The year is off to an exciting start!

In the pictures below, you can see some students working on keeping detailed notes in their STEM notebooks.  They record all of their work in them throughout the year to keep track of their progress.