Mr. Neiswander's 4th Grade Class Introduced to Robotics

STEM School

Fourth graders in Mr. Neiswander’s class had an introduction on Wednesday to robotics by exploring and creating with Cubelets.  Sitting on the floor of the STEM Design Lab, students first considered and discussed the question “What is a robot?”, then experimented with making their own using various cubes beginning with a power cube, a knoblet cute, and a bar graph cube.  

They then progressed on to using a distance cube as well as a drive cube, which is when things got interesting.  As they explored and experimented, Mr. Neiswander’s students, as well as Mr. Neiswander,
applied three basic aspects of a robot: sensing, thinking and acting.  The class wrapped up its robotics lesson by using any cubes they wished to create their own original Cubelet robots.

View the introductory slideshow to Cubelets at this link.