May 2014- School's Out for the Summer!

STEM School

May brought the good and the bad.  The good news is May capped off a great year learning about STEM.  The bad news?  School is over for the year!  However, we did accomplish quite a bit.  We became a STEM School this year and truly embraced everything this way of learning brings with it.  We tried new things, including Design Challenges and integrated learning. We introduced 21st Century Skills, new technology and new ways of thinking.  And even though the school year is over, the learning isn’t.   STEM Coordinators attended a National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) STEM Conference in New Orleans and brought back exciting new teaching ideas for the fall.  Teachers will be working over the summer to create new STEM units of study for next year.  Finally, Northridge will kick off its second STEM Summer School beginning this June.  While we are ready to enjoy a short break, we're excited to get thinking about STEM next year.  See you in September.

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