March 2014- Teacher Learning

STEM School

Enrich teacher learning in order to enrich student learning.

Teachers have been working hard all year to embrace new ideas about STEM.  We’ve been learning new strategies, opening ourselves to new perspectives, and trying new ways of teaching.  Our professional development time has enabled us to be risk-takers in so many ways, from working with students, to working with colleagues, creating new learning, and thinking of teaching in a whole new way.  As a staff, we have been collaborating more in both grade level teams and as a school community.  This helps us as we collaborate with students, and in having students collaborate with each other.  As teachers, we expect students to be critical thinkers every day.  By embracing STEM, we also have the expectation that we are critical thinkers everyday as well.  From changes in technology to teaching style, we are working hard to become the best STEM school we can be.