Lit Lab Interactive Bulletin Board

The Lit Lab at Indian Peaks has been looking for ways to incorporate engaging writing activities into their daily work.  Students and teachers hung an interactive bulletin board in the hallway to encourage students, parents, and families to document their "I Wonder..."  Participants fill out a small form and drop it in the drop-box (a Kleenex box stapled to the wall).  Lit lab students choose a topic of their choice to research and answer via Chromebooks.  Questions include: "How does hair grow?" and "How does a pencil work?"  

The activity has helped to build engagement, ownership of learning, and community throughout the school.  Students have shown excitement throughout the multiple-day research project and can't wait to choose another topic.  Fourth and fifth grade students have researched kindergarteners questions and presented their findings directly to their clients.

Next steps: Students will collaborate on GoogleDocs to work on a group project.  Students will also participate in design thinking to figure out how their drop-box can withstand multiple students walking by throughout the day. The Kleenex box just isn't holding up.