January 2014--School Safety

STEM School

During the month of January several 5th graders got together to analyze some of the problems occurring during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.  We got involved in a design challenge to re-examine our traffic procedures.  Students watched interviews from staff and the city crossing guard about some of the issues they see on a regular basis.  Then, students examined the parking lot drop-off zones to see what happens when cars follow the rules and don't follow the rules.  They developed new perspectives on a part of their day that they normally don't even think about.  Students decided to create some signage for different areas of our school to help educate parents about drop-off procedures.  We'll be meeting in February after school to re-iterate some of our signs to better meet the needs of our users (parents).  Drive by in early March to see our new signs posted, or check out this site for pictures!