International Robot Olympiad

STEM School

70 students, teachers and parents from Alpine visited the 15th International Robot Olympiad in Denver today.  They were accompanied by Josh Lemon and Alex Downing, STEM coordinators from Rocky Mountain Elementary and Timberline K-8.

This international event is usually held in Asia; this year, Ameribotics (a Denver-based robotics non-profit) brought it to Colorado!  Students were able to see dancing robots, build their own spider bots, and speak with students from Korea, the Philipinnes and other Asian countries about their designs for the 2013 competition Robots in Agriculture:  How Robots Provide Sustainability for Farms of the Future.  Having a chance to visit the IROC supports both Alpine's IB and STEM programs, and allows students to have a glimpse of a dynamic and important part of their futures.

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