Industry and Education Partnerships

STEM School

Partnerships between Industry and Education are providing schools with some fantastic opportunities for student learning.  As part of a $20,000 grant, some SVVSD schools, including Alpine Elementary, are partnering with Bitsbox to explore coding in JavaScript in the classroom.  Bitsbox is a website where kids can learn computer programming.  They build apps on the site and can load them to their mobile device.  Why code, and why use JavaScript?  Here’s what Bitsbox has to say:

Learning to program is just like learning any other language.  The earlier you start, the easier it is.  Kids can use Bitsbox as soon as they can read and write. Most people learn hard things by imitation and repitition.  With Bitsbox, kids learn to program by copying apps and making them their own. JavaScript is arguably the most popular computer language around. Javascript is neat because it's the language of the web. Facebook, Google, Pandora, and Twitter are all written in Javascript (at least partially). Javascript is also great because it's a close cousin to C, C++, Objective C, and Java, which are Big Important Languages used by Serious People Doing Serious Programming.   –

Alpine is teaming with Bitsbox to bring code into the classroom.  Students in 2nd-5th grade will pilot Bitsbox in the classroom.  Teachers will code with kids, creating lesson plans that focus on content standards as well as elementary computer science strands.  Teachers will attend a few trainings to kick things off and then we’ll explore in the classroom.  Students will make apps to support math, science, social studies, reading and more.  We anticipate student engagement to be extremely high and can’t wait to get started.  Bitsbox will debut in classrooms toward the end of April.  Check back then for an update on what our students and teachers think about coding!