IB-STEM Student Leaders Trip

STEM School

On Friday, February 7th, three of our IB-STEM Student Leaders went on a field trip to meet with student leaders from other schools as well as to learn about the STEM program at Skyline High School and to have a tour of the new Innovation Center.  While at Skyline, they were welcomed by Heidi Ringer, the principal, got a nice tour from seniors, then participated in an engineering design challenge.  For this challenged, they worked with students from other schools to design and build a structure that was the highest as well as could hold the most weight.  It was a great chance to practice some STEM skills and thinking.


After this, we hopped on a bus and travelled to the new Innovation Center.  We learned about its purpose and programs, visiting their Apple lab, the Sparkfun! electronics lab, seeing how a 3-D printer works, and watching an amazing humanoid robot called Nao.  After some tasty pizza and fun conversation, we all returned to Alpine.


Alpine had one representative from each grade:  JT from 5th grade, Nevaeh from 4th, and Vyannah from 3rd.  They all did an excellent job representing our school and community!  They also brought back some memories and information to share with the other team members.

Here are some comments each of our students left:

  • "On this extraordinary event, I learned a lot!  We went to Skyline High School to learn about STEM a little more.  We had about 35 minutes to discuss structures.  When we agreed on a design, we built a prototype.  We tested it and it was OK.  We also learned a little bit about programming." 
  • "Things that I liked:  
  1. Being able to see a robot move and talk.
  2. Learning about technology.
  3. Going to Skyline and looking at others' designs.
  4. Gonig to Skyline and building a tower that can handle weight and is tall."
  • "We went to Skyline today.  We made a design challenge at Skyline.  We wondered how much weight can it (the structure) hold, and how high is it?  What do we want to try to do?  High school students worked with us.  We saw a robot and a classroom where you learn how to take computers apart."