IB, STEM and Exhibition at Alpine

STEM School

Alpine Elementary is a unique STEM school in that our overarching philosophy is IB-PYP: International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. We have spent the past two years understanding and integrating IB and STEM. The five IB Elements - Themes, Concepts, Trans-disciplinary Skills, Attitudes, and Knowledge overlap well with the five STEM Elements - Integration, 21st Century Skills, Personalized Learning, Problem Solving, and Connection. Each year, Alpine hosts an Exhibition of Learning where 5th grade students highlight their learning journey through IB. This year, we are working diligently to incorporate the STEM elements into our Exhibition. Our 5th graders are studying the central idea, "People express themselves to solve problems" which falls within the IB Theme, "How We Express Ourselves". Each group of students tackles a topic of study that is important to them, delving deep into the issues within that topic in order to take action and solve the problem. This trans-disciplinary unit transcends any one subject area and allows the opportunity for students to learn with relevance and meaning, making their work more authentic.  

Our exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, April 2, 2015. The public is welcome to attend this event. Presentations are scheduled from 10:10-11:10 and again from 1:10-2:10 with an Exhibit Hall open at those times as well. Alpine Elementary School is located at 2005 Alpine St, Longmont, CO 80504. The list of presentations and exhibits follows:  Fashion, Dreams, Sports / Exercise, Art, Film, Cooking / Food, Photography, Technology / Video Games, Technology / Programming, Fundraising, Music, War, Graffiti Presentation and Graffiti Exhibit, Animal Rights, and World Hunger. Community members, parents, teachers, students... all are welcome to attend!! 

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