The Hour of Code at Columbine

STEM School

The Hour of Code was a huge success at Columbine! Every Kindergartener through 5th Grader spent an hour during their December STEM Focus lesson to learn the basics of computer science. 

As students navigated through various levels of tutorials, they intently worked, putting their critical thinking skills to the test. Students often collaborated with each other to think through and solve each level. The Computer Lab was a buzz as students celebrated successes and analyzed their failures. This experience was a great lesson in perseverance. Students learned to not be discouraged when they failed a level, and that testing a puzzle multiple times or working together with peers would make the tasks easier. After finishing the Hour of Code, students across grade levels have requested to work on coding in their free time. 

Students will take these skills and apply them to Scratch and Scratch Jr. in January. It will be exciting to see their creativity take off as they dig further into computer science!