Future Ready Leaders

The Office of Educational Technology recognizes that "strong leadership is essential to systemic, sustainable change in education." As such, the department has highlighted superintendents and districts who embody the forward-thinking leadership necessary to continuously improve education. Dr. Don Haddad and St Vrain Valley Schools were among those highlighted in a series of 50 short, high-quality videos promoting best practices in future ready leadership for schools. The department outlines 4 elements for future-ready leaders and districts: collaborative leadership, personalized student learning, robust infrastructure, and personalized professional learning. The Office of Ed Tech also provides a toolkit for districts hoping to advance their practice, as well as a rubric and guide detailing the four elements. 

Go to tech.ed.gov/leaders to learn more. To view the full library of videos, navigate to: http://tech.ed.gov/assessment/leaders/?action=full-video-library.

For the videos specifically focused on St Vrain and our initiatives, click the links below.