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STEM School

STEM can show up EVERYWHERE, and it isn’t just about classroom learning.  STEM in SVVSD really translates to students who can problem solve, integrate and personalize their learning in unique ways, connect with others, and develop 21st century skills (communicate well, collaborate, think critically, be creative, and embrace character development).

At Alpine, we host an annual Fundraiser and we call on these principles and skills in our staff, students, parents and community members to be successful.  The Fund Run is Alpine’s one major school fundraiser each school year.  The FUND Run brings in additional funding through our Parent Teacher Organization that we use to support all aspects of our learning environment. 

As a school that embraces STEM practices and philosophies, we think making connections with our community is important.  Fund Run coordinators work hard to share our story with the local community to raise financial support for what we need as a school.  Problem solving is another STEM element that we use as we plan for this event.  In previous years, we hired outside companies to help provide incentives to students for raising money.  However, that cut into the money we raised.  So we problem solved!  Now, our incentives are donated by teachers and involve time and community building over a traditional “prize”. The effects of the Fund Run last throughout the year.  With all the ways the money supports our school, it supports integration of content, technology, and community building.  Funds are used to extend the learning beyond the classroom with fieldtrips, guest speakers, and other ways to personalize student learning.  As students fundraise, they use many 21st century skills to communicate, show their character and collaborate with friends to raise money.  At Alpine, STEM isn’t what we do, it helps shape who we are.  Would you like to donate?  Contact our school at!

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