Four Skyline Students Win NCWIT Awards

STEM School

Four Skyline High School students - Avynne Trembly (12th, Local Winner), Lindsey Hamblin (11th, Local Winner), Susanna Jones (10th, Local Runner Up), and Renata Comeau (9th, National Runner Up, Local Winner) - were 2016 winners of the Colorado Affiliate of the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing.

They were recognized for their computing-related aspirations and for their demonstrated, outstanding aptitude and interest in information technology/computing, solid leadership ability, good academic history, and plans for post-secondary education.  They will be honored at the Colorado Affiliate Aspirations Award ceremony at the University of Colorado at Boulder on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

We are so proud of these three young women, and are excited for their aspirations for the future.  They just completed a grant application (with two other NCWIT winners from within the district) to teach elementary students how to program their VEX IQ robots with Robot-C.  They are a fantastic group of students who will continue to make us proud!

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