Fall River Students "Run the Code!"

STEM School

Students at Fall River Elementary participated in learning about computer science in an integrated, physical way!  With support from Lindsay Craig and Jennifer Bettencourt, 5th grade students learned about conditionals and wrote pseudo-code while in computer lab.  Mrs. Bettencourt worked with students to edit and revise the statements. The statements were then given to Mr. Hoople, the physical education teacher, and students built an obstacle course that reflected the conditional statements.  The entire school got to "Run the Code", with Mr. Craig there assisting and supporting students in their efforts.  "Run the Code" is a developing curriculum and movement integration that teaches students about computer science and coding without using a device. This unplugged encounter provided students and teachers the opportunity to participate and experience coding in a non-traditional way.  This built confidence and excitement in the school community, while supplementing the computer science efforts teachers are pursuing in and out of computer lab.  Thank you to Mr. Craig for working with us in this first attempt in an elementary school to "Run the Code"!