eSpark for Reading

STEM School

Students are using an app called 'eSpark' to support reading learning in the classroom. “eSpark enables teachers to bridge the gap between engagement and academics on the the iPad.” Using assessment data from students, eSpark creates a personalized learning plan for each student, targeting his or her areas of need. Students take a pre-assessment and then watch a few short engaging educational videos. This prepares students to go on their learning “quests”, using the best, most engaging educational apps available, geared specifically to their individual learning needs. Everything is downloaded to a student’s iPad, ready for them when they need it. In addition to the student component, teachers have access to a teacher dashboard, a one-stop shop where they can see students progress during a quest and all their data following a session. This dashboard informs teachers of how to proceed with each individual student. Furthermore, eSpark provides teachers with continued training and support throughout the year. After piloting the program last year in 2nd grade for about 2 months, this year, all 2nd and 3rd grade students have access to eSpark each week. Kids are engaged and enjoying reading in a brand new and innovative way. Check out the eSpark website for more information!