Erie teacher chosen as liaison for Space Foundation

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Erie Elementary School teacher Kristina Stem's classroom is alive.

A pair of budgie parakeets chirp from their cage on one side of the room and Stemmy, the bearded dragon lizard, hangs off of a branch in his cage on the other side. Despite the dozen, or so aquariums and cages that already line the room, Stem is hoping to bring some new life to her students next year.

"Having life in the room makes for a lot of teachable moments," said Stem, who is the school's science lab teacher. "Now, I want to bring an astronaut to class."

Stem is hoping her new role as a 2014 teacher liaison for The Space Foundation will provide access to resources — like astronauts — that will contribute to her space lessons next school year.

Stem is one of 24 teachers around the world, and the only teacher from the St. Vrain Valley School District, selected by for the program. Read more at Longmont Times Call


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