STEM School

9th-11th grade STEM Academy students were treated to a guest speaker last week.  Olivier Brousse with 3d Vista took the time out of his busy schedule to teach our students about drones.  He taught them about what components are necessary, what sensors are present and how they work, how Newton's 3rd law applies to their flight, and different applications of drones (search and rescue, aerial imaging, structural analysis, etc.).  Students were excited for the opportunity to learn about this cutting-edge technology!

After Dr. Brousse took the time to teach the students the basic concepts, he then treated them to a display outside.  He flew a drone and had it take a class selfie!  (Unfortunately, due to high winds on the second day of the presentation, Dr. Brousse was unable to fly a drone.  However, students were able to observe responsible behavior around drone safety!)

Students were very happy to have this opportunity at Skyline.  Several students stayed after school to ask Dr. Brousse further information about drones and extend their learning.

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