District Innovation Design Challenge

St Vrain's 2015-16 district-wide innovation design challenge, sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St Vrain Valley, focused on incorporating the 6 Essential Components for Learning Technology into our classrooms and working through possible processes to holistically integrate learning technology as it becomes ubiquitous through SVVSD's Learning Technology Plan

To learn more about the district design challenge, please visit design-challenge.svvsd.org

Teams have been working through the design process since October 2015. School teams, augmented by participation from community members, students, parents, and other stakeholders, developed some amazing prototypes to address the essential components for learning technology in the classroom. The solutions varied from virtual tutoring to redesigned library spaces to parent communication.

Winners and runners up received a monetary prize from the Education Foundation, and third place participants were awarded with material from Bitsbox (an online and kit-based coding program).  

The participating teams were divided into two self-designated categories: Skillful Practitioners (for those that have experience with design thinking), and Emerging Learners (for those new to design thinking). Some of the district's STEM coordinators hosted an initial Design Thinking Workshop in December to provide some hands-on experience with design. 

The projects are outlined below. To read more about their work, check out their white papers (linked below): 

Skillful Practitioner Category: 

- Skyline High School (winner): Parent Involvement at Skyline | Video about their process

- Timberline PK8 (runner up): Redesigning Student Accountability Systems

- Trail Ridge Middle - Team Big Magic (third place): Creative Confidence

- Indian Peaks Elementary: iPeaks iLab

- Blue Mountain Elementary: All Aboard (Staff Tech Use Redesign)

- Alpine Elementary: Digital IB Student Portfolios

- Westview Middle School: PBL opportunities in the classroom

- Fall River Elementary: Designing a Community Space for Innovation and Discovery


Emerging Learners Category: 

- Mead High School (winner): Virtual Tutoring Labs

- Mountain View Elementary (runner up): Library Redesign

- Hygiene Elementary (third place): Hawk Air Goes to Pluto

- Altona Middle School: Rethink, Redesign, Rejuvenate Innovation

- Trail Ridge Middle - Team Rootless: Reimagine the School Day

- Longmont Estates Elmentary: Learning Habits and Expectations for Learning Tech


A very special thank-you to the Education Foundation, for supporting and sponsoring this inspiring work, and to our 8 incredible judges: 

- Audrey Seybold, Columbine Elementary Principal

- Brian Straight, CU PhD Engineering Fellow

- Christie Veitch, Bitsbox

- Jalali Hartman, CEO, Robauto LLC

- Jarod Balentine, Skyline High School Junior 

- Kahle Charles, Executive Director of Curriculum

- Katelyn Wojniak, Skyline High School Junior

- Zack Jacobson, Momotone 


We are looking forward to the continued work of these teams, and also to next year's design challenge!