Design Thinking Institute Prepares Educators for Innovation

On Saturday, December 5th, St Vrain educators and administrators learned about design thinking and its importance in not only our classrooms but in our professional work as well. As part of this year's district-wide design challenge, nearly 70 educators from across the district came together to flex their design thinking muscles and begin framing their thinking for this year's challenge. The design challenge, sponsored by the Education Foundation for the St Vrain Valley, focuses on incorporating the 6 Essential Components for Learning Technology into our classrooms, and working through possible processes to holistically integrate learning technology as it becomes ubiquitous through SVVSD's Learning Technology Plan.  Led by STEM Coordinators Carolyn Clifford, Sarah Bloms, Eric Woodland, Lindsey Cheney and Kristen Brohm, the institute first covered some of the essential principles and attributes of design thinking and then became a workshop for members of the challenge teams to discuss and collaborate. The energy of the day was high, the participants deeply engaged, and the value of design thinking was extended across our district.   To learn more about the district design challenge, please visit