Denver Zoo visits Longmont Estates

A few furry and scaly friends from the Denver Zoo visited Longmont Estates during our March Late Start.  Students in grades K-2 were invited to join us for an hour to learn about four different small animals:  Zambezi the African Bull Frog, Mombasa the Kenyan Sand Boa, Walla the Shingleback Skink, and Pelay, the Three-Banded Armadillo.  The students were enthralled learning about how the animals get their food, sleep, and have adapted to their surroundings.  Lots of “I wonder” questions popped up, such as “I wonder if it makes noise?,” when they met Mombasa. Walla the Skink was also popular, with students asking, “I wonder why she sticks out her tongue?”  When they voted on which animal they wanted to pet, Mombasa the Sand Boa won the popular vote.  It was a great hands-on experience that students will not soon forget.